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Vipul Gupta’s Noigra leads innovation in holistic wellness with hemp & cannabis


An alumni of BITS Pilani and a visionary entrepreneur, he along with his brothers Rajat Gupta & Udit Gupta co-founded a pioneering hemp & cannabis brand NOIGRA focused on holistic wellness in 2020. Upholding ethical practices, adhering to regulations, and prioritising safety are the cornerstones that guide their journey toward pioneering innovation in the evolving landscape of hemp & medicinal cannabis in India. Their dedication to well researched, premium quality & effective products has earned them recognition as a leader in this space.

Noigra has grown profoundly under their leadership. With unmatched passion and a workforce of dedicated individuals, it has been recognised as the Startup of the Year in Medical Cannabis for the years 2021-2022 and as the Medical Cannabis Company of the Year for 2022-2023 and most recently featured as one of “Top 10 Hemp brands” in India apart from many other accolades.

At Noigra, they believe in the power of ancient wisdom, merging with modern innovation to unlock the extraordinary potential of cannabis-based health and wellness. Driven by the ethos By Nature for Nature, as in their tagline, The brand Noigra shines as a beacon of innovation, transforming lives, and guiding us back to nature’s embrace. With every product, they illuminate a path toward wellness, harmonising the wisdom of the past with the possibilities of the future.

From its modest beginnings, the company has journeyed far, both in terms of its product offerings and global reach. What started as a seedling of an idea has now blossomed into a garden of wellness offerings. Noigra’s commitment to quality and a deepened understanding of Cannabis’s applications in Ayurveda and wellness have firmly established its position as a trusted brand.

The company’s product portfolio reads like a journey through nature’s bounty. They offer nourishing products like Hemp Seeds, Hemp Hearts, Hemp Protein Powder, and Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil under their Hemp Food & Nutrition range. Each product is a treasure trove of essential nutrients, providing a solid foundation for improved health.

Their sub-brand, Cannasure – Ayurvedic Cannabis Medicines, provides various forms of Cannabis-based Ayurvedic medicines, from Tinctures and Capsules to Tablets and Topicals. This comprehensive range caters to diverse needs. Merging modern research with natural remedies, their CBD Wellness Medicines and Topicals line features Full Spectrum CBD Dominant Hemp Oils and topicals that harmonise with the body’s Endocannabinoid System, promoting overall wellness.

Join Noigra in their commitment to the responsible use of cannabis and natural remedies, and let the healing power of nature fuel your journey to holistic wellness. Their full product range can be explored at noigra.com.

Thats not all, the founders also recognized the need for healthy drinking water and has taken it upon themselves to address this issue. They identified demineralized RO water intake as one of the most underrated causes of various ailments. Instead of suggesting people to replace their purifiers, they decided to come up with a low-cost and easy solution. After four years of research and development, they introduced MINERALKA, a revolutionary product that bolsters RO water with essential minerals and also makes it Alkaline.

MINERALKA is a research-based product that infuses water with essential alkaline minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, selenium, and molybdenum using patented technology. In fact, one serving of MINERALKA contains up to 50% of the recommended daily allowance of these minerals. The product also provides the optimum levels of  both PH and TDS values, making it a truly superior choice for drinking water. Anyone looking to improve their drinking water quality can order this revolutionary product at getmineralka.com.

Vipul shares, “One of the enduring lessons taught by our father is that regardless of any profits big or small, we must always allocate a portion to support social causes and welfare. It is our moral obligation to make a meaningful contribution to society. With optimism, we aspire to effect a positive transformation in the lives of those in need. At Noigra, we ardently believe in the philosophy of giving back to society and helping the needy. Hence, we have embarked on a modest initiative to allocate a portion of our revenue for charitable contributions and relief efforts. By choosing any of our products, you are extending a helping hand to us in this endeavour.”