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Vikkas K Jha: A Visionary Catalyst in Retail and Design


Vikkas K Jha is a dynamic force steering Brandkettle Projects Pvt Ltd in Faridabad, passionately reshaping the landscape of retail and design. With a 15-year professional journey, Vikkas embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in 2020, founding Brand Kettle with unwavering determination amid the challenges of the pandemic.

A multifaceted leader

As Founder & CEO, Vikkas excels in Commercial Fit-outs, Retail Roll-Outs showcasing his entrepreneurial mettle by launching new brand outlets and orchestrating impactful experiential marketing campaigns. In just three years, Vikkas propelled Brand Kettle into prominence, emerging as a turnkey solution provider for both commercial and retail showrooms, welcoming over 30 brands. His commitment to excellence extends beyond professional achievements, holding an MBA in Marketing and a Diploma in Interior Design.

Beyond business

Vikkas’s love for his home state Bihar, is not just a sentiment but an active contribution to community welfare. In the post-COVID era, he skillfully upskilled his workforce, carrying forward a legacy of resilience. Beyond boardroom intricacies, Vikkas finds solace in his hobbies – playing cricket and traveling. These passions reflect not only his athleticism but also a keen sense of exploration and curiosity.

A beacon

Challenges have been met with remarkable resilience, transforming adversity into opportunities. Vikkas’s commitment to transformative growth is underscored by the generation of numerous employment opportunities, significantly contributing to the economic fabric of the region. The dynamic landscape of retail and design witnesses Vikkas redefine spaces, inspire change and leave an indelible mark. Follow the trajectory of this budding visionary, who, amidst the nuances of business, remains grounded in the spirit of Bihar, finding joy in the simplicity of playing cricket and the richness of cultural exploration through travel.