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Shashwat Gangwal: Harmonizing Tradition with Innovation in Temple Artistry


Shashwat Gangwal is a distinctive figure in the realm of temple art and architecture, blending spirituality, innovation, and a profound dedication to his craft. As the Managing Director of Tilak Stone Arts India, he has reinvigorated his family’s rich heritage by implementing modernized systems and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Beyond his corporate role, Shashwat is a man of diverse interests, finding joy in reading, exploring the world, and indulging in sports. These passions, coupled with his penchant for enriching conversations, imbue him with a multifaceted perspective that enriches his professional endeavors.

From an early stage in his life, Shashwat adopted a yogic lifestyle, embracing a plant-based diet and abstaining from animal-based products. His commitment to a spiritual way of living extends beyond personal choice; it forms the core of his business ethos. He firmly believes that spirituality paves the way to a fulfilling life, and this philosophy permeates every facet of his work. Additionally, Shashwat is known for his affinity for technology, considering it a vital component of any successful enterprise, regardless of the industry.

In 2017, Shashwat joined his family’s business during his college years, driven by a vision to contribute to their future. Under his stewardship, he not only streamlined Tilak Temple Project Consultants but also breathed new vitality into the Tilak Stone Arts brand. He masterfully fused his father’s traditional wisdom and industry experience with contemporary advancements, redefining age-old practices.

Shashwat’s commitment to innovation is a hallmark of his approach. He introduced several user-friendly software solutions to enhance the customer experience when engaging with Tilak Stone Arts. This forward-thinking mindset culminated in the creation of the groundbreaking Experience Centre in Jaipur, an oasis of tranquility that has garnered widespread acclaim. His creative instincts extend beyond the professional realm, as seen in his involvement in photography clubs, video editing, AutoCAD designing, and film production, which enable him to curate captivating content for his brand, ensuring that each product and project is a work of art in its own right.

Looking ahead, Shashwat envisions expanding into the real estate sector, with a focus on sustainable housing that preserves cultural heritage while fostering well-being and a sense of belonging. Currently, he and his team are dedicated to the Tilak Gallery project in their hometown of Kishangarh, the Marble City of India. This venture represents a significant milestone for Tilak Stone Arts India, as it showcases a diverse range of products in a spacious, beautifully presented environment. From exquisite wall panels to intricately crafted animal sculptures and grand temples, the Tilak Gallery promises to be a remarkable achievement in every respect.

Shashwat’s journey, from a spiritually inclined and innovation-driven individual to a revered leader in the temple art industry, is truly unique. His unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and spirituality has not only revitalized his family’s business but also established new benchmarks for the entire industry. As Tilak Stone Arts India continues to broaden its horizons, one can only anticipate the remarkable heights it will reach under Shashwat’s exemplary leadership.