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Eishwar Maanay: Nurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders at BNMIT, a Beacon of Progress


At BNMIT, an institution celebrated for its progressive approach to education, Eishwar Maanay emerges as a visionary leader. As the Dean of this prestigious institution, he devoted himself to shaping the futures of emerging talents within the student community. Eishwar’s educational philosophy extends beyond the conventional, grounded in belief that holistic growth and innovation are essential for success in today’s complex world.

Eishwar’s commitment to enhancing skill sets and implementing modern pedagogical techniques is at the core of his leadership. He formed key industry collaborations, offering students valuable real-world experiences to prepare them for diverse modern challenges.

Beyond his role in academia, Eishwar Maanay is a multifaceted individual. He is a passionate photographer, capturing the intricacies of the world through his lens. Therefore, His dedication to nature conservation is equally admirable, as he strives to instill eco-consciousness within the academic realm. His penchant for collecting plants showcases a deep connection to the natural world.

However, Committed to hands-on education, he empowers students to apply knowledge, equipping graduates with skills and mindset for field excellence. Moreover, BNMIT’s dedication to research and development, supported by various clubs, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and scholarship opportunities, reflects Eishwar’s aim to provide a well-rounded educational experience. Therefore his implementation of a comprehensive ERP system has created a nurturing and efficient educational ecosystem that prepares students for success in modern world.

Eishwar Maanay and his team share a common ambition: to seamlessly blend contemporary education with India’s rich cultural heritage. Guided by his parents, Shri. Narayan Rao Maanay, Chairman of BNM Educational Institutions, and mother Vaishali Maanay, Director of BNM Montessori House of Children, he learned invaluable lessons and skills to carry forward the institution’s legacy.

However, Under Eishwar’s leadership, BNMIT achieved accreditations from NBA and NAAC, gaining prestige. It was ranked 25th in All India TIMES survey of 2022, among the top 100 Private Engineering Institutions in India. BNMIT’s commitment to innovation and digitization earned QS I-GAUGE recognition in the Diamond category for Academic Digitization and Online Education Excellence.

Eishwar Maanay envisions BNMIT’s excellence through innovation, modern education methods, and industry partnerships, enhancing its academic reputation. Ultimately, he envisions BNMIT as a global leader in education and research, producing adaptable graduates and fostering transformative international collaborations.

Under Eishwar Maanay’s guidance, BNMIT excels, shaping tomorrow’s leaders with a blend of tradition, innovation, and deep respect for nature.